Another Flashback

Yet another Goodwill find a while back was a men’s hooded tee–very large and very upcyclable! The most awesome part was that it was clearly only worn a couple times. I wish you guys could feel this fabric, because it is insanely soft! (And the hood hem is just folded and looked crooked from being washed before I took the pics.)

I used the usual flashback skinny tee pattern with the existing sleeve hems intact as well part of the hood serging. ¬†I only had to do a tiny bit of stitching on the hood piece to make it the right size. I left the bottom hem raw, since it was such a lightweight knit, it would curl perfectly, and–let’s be real–I’m lazy! I drafted my own hood pattern piece.

My sister thought I bought this one and has claimed it’s her fave thing I’ve made for LM so far! I must admit, this one passes for store bought around here, and I’m okay with that!

Thanks for looking! ūüôā


thegreencateye.comLittle Man has been in love with the Grinch for a while now. When I went on my usual Goodwill trip to get some tees to refashion for last year’s spring kcw, I found a brand new, ¬†tags-still-on-it adult size Grinch shirt for only a couple bucks. I was stoked (even if it was 9 months too soon for me to kid-size it for him)! It’s unfortunately one of those bulk tees with the stiff ick kind of fabric, but I was determined to make it work.

I used the usual flashback skinny tee pattern but added a little extra to the side and sleeve seams. I don’t love how the face had to be cut for a zoomed-in look, but family and LM love it, so I’m calling it a win!

Grinch Tee Styling 2

I used the existing sleeve hems, but did a simple zig-zag hem on the bottom after LM said the shirt was “broken on the bottom.” I used my usual yellow interlock for the neckband. The bonus for that one is it works great styled with his old “Silly Goose” hooded henley I made last year! Sure, the sleeves are getting a bit short, but this kid loves hoods now, and hello! The colors match perfectly! This dimly lit pic comes from Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and is the only reasonable one I could find of him wearing it.

I have more posts lined up and pics already edited and loaded, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more soon! Thanks for looking! ūüôā

Over the busy summer, three-year-old Little Man got to go to the movies for the first time.¬† Then a second and third time.¬† He’s a fan!¬† His favorite part is the food and candy that he¬†truly does not stop eating from the beginning of the movie to the end of the credits (yes, we sit through the credits).¬† We buy popcorn there, but always stop for “theater candy” at the drugstore on the way (to smuggle in…).¬† Little Man’s candy of choice?¬† Junior Mints and M and Ms.¬† A child after my¬†own heart!

When the themes for this season were posted for Project Run and Play, I had already been planning some fall clothes for Little Man, and candy had nothing to do with them.¬† But this week’s theme is “candy inspired” so I thought on it for a bit to come up with this outfit.¬† M and Ms seemed too rainbow and would end up unwearable around here, so Junior Mints won out.¬† (I also have an almost-finished outfit from last week’s theme of the pop-over dress, but life is more important to me than the internet and self-imposed deadlines, so you’ll see that one when it’s complete!)

And I apologize in advance for the sub-par pics–we finally got a break from the massive storms today, and these were the best I could do. ūüė¶

I’ll start from the top–the tee!¬† The collar for the tee¬†was cut¬†from a brown thrift store interlock tee.¬† This green shirt was made from a thrift store tee I originally bought to make into a Hulk tee for my nephew, but I made him something else, so it’s Little Man’s now!


I used the existing hems on the sleeves and bottom hem to save time and stress.¬† My favorite part about the original tee is¬†its tag, and I didn’t notice until after I bought it.


For two US dollars, I got a super-soft tee that was in great shape.¬† And it’s made in the US under fair wages conditions!¬† Part of why I sew for Little Man is to avoid “fast fashion”, the environmental impact of all that fabric, and the conditions the clothes are commonly made under in other countries.¬† This shirt was more thrilling for me than you can believe!¬† But I digress…

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee Pattern in a 5T and shortened the sleeves based on the length of some of his other tees.¬† I also made sure it was longer than most tees, because he’s always yanking on the back of¬†his shirts¬†even if¬†they’re practically strangling him from the front as a result of said tugging.

I didn’t want the outfit to scream “I LOVE CANDY!”, so I came up with a more subtle approach (as usual per my regular subtle nods to popular things).¬† I made a freezer paper stencil for decorations on the tee.¬† I free-handed some Junior Mints in a row, some from straight-on, some turned to the side, and all intentionally imperfect.¬† I do regret the side-view pieces now–they didn’t quite turn out how I hoped.

I typed the lettering for the “Junior” and “03” and traced them to make the stencil.¬† I asked Little Man if he wanted the number to be “13” for the year 2013 or “03” for his age, so this was his pick.¬† I also¬†think I might need to buy some new freezer paper, because the past few stencils have leaked far too much.

The pants are a bit of a mash-up pattern-wise.¬†¬†After the crotch curve issues I had from the Parsley Pants pattern (totally a personal¬†fit thing, you should absolutely buy the pattern!), and the awesomeness that came from¬†MADE’s KID Shorts pattern, I knew¬†the two needed combining for my impossible-to-fit little guy.¬† So I taped the shorts pattern together as a one-piece pattern and¬†traced the crotch curves from the shorts onto the Parsley pattern.¬† The result–KID¬†Shorts lengthened to pants with very little effort!¬† Rolled up, they are a great length for him right now with shoes.¬† But¬†I think I may need to shorten them a little.¬† How do you decide how long is enough growing room for pant length?

The main fabric was purchased last spring and was LM’s pick.¬† It’s light-weight¬†brown linen with black pinstripes from Joann.¬† I added scrap¬†black twill to the pieces as a lining¬†before construction to make them a little more durable and appropriate for winter.¬† I made oval knee pads per the Parsley pattern, and added front patch pockets with black bias trim.¬† I also made them with a flat front.

I love how the pockets turned out!¬† I planned to add back patch pockets as well, but I’m not much for welt pockets, the sharp points of¬†a standard pocket didn’t fit with the curves of a Junior Mints theme, and a curved pocket seemed too feminine.¬† So we went sans rear pockets.

Little Man is stoked for his new Junior Mints outfit!¬† And I’m stoked he now has a nicer pair of pants for any of our future (non-existent) fancy outings!¬† I hope to share last week’s look with you soon!

Thanks for looking! ūüôā

I was pretty much¬†tapped by Thursday after the few sewing flops that I had with the navy pants and running out of thread on the three tees.¬† But I bought the Parsley Pants Pattern on Friday, bought fabric for them on Saturday, sewed them up on Sunday, and finally got some pics on Monday.¬† And you can also see the Tyrone shirt in action.¬† (That’s a flashback skinny tee in case you don’t feel like clicking over to the post to find out.)

Parsley WO front wm

I struggled with deciding on a size, because, after eating, 3-year-old Little Man is a straight up 21-inches-circumference rectangle–chest, waist, hips, all 21 inches.¬† I went with the size 4, but I think next time I’ll try a size 3.¬†¬† I made absolutely no changes to this pattern–I used the recommended width of elastic with the appropriate length for LM; and the hem allowance¬†had extra fabric that I just folded into the hem.¬† Allow me to explain.

First I have to mention, the entire time I was making these pants, I was thinking, “Wow, am I ever doing Rae proud with the dorkiest, most boring fabric on the planet!”¬† But as much as I wanted bold and fun, he needs some basic pants that will match most of the crazy bold, colorful shirts his closet is filled with.¬† After scouring the entirety of Joann Fabrics twice, I had to disappointingly settle on this camel-colored bottom-weight cotton.¬† I’m not excited about it, but it grew on me as I was working with it.¬† The next pair will have a bit more spunk and possibly an octopus ribbon tuxedo stripe.¬† But for now, the boring ones… Parsley Pants

This size came up a but high (rise-wise)¬†on him when pulled up all the way, which normally I don’t mind.¬† But for some reason, once he takes off running, the pants begin to ride up into a bit of a wedge.¬† Seen here:

parsley wedge

Then after he bends, kneels, and moves around some more, we ended up with saggy butt.  Seen here:

parsley saggy butt

I think this is all due to the rise being too high.¬† The seersucker pants I made that ended up with too high of a rise do this same sagging thing as his pants tend to sink to just above his hips.¬† And that’s regardless of how tight I make the elastic (rectangle boy strikes again!).¬† I think the smaller size could possibly fix all of these issues.

The hem length was a couple inches longer than I needed, so that just got folded up into the hem to be let down later in the fall.

perfect knee patch placement wm

I must give a shout-out to that those kneepad placement pattern marks!¬† When I sewed them on, they really looked too close to the inseam, but as you can see, they are spot on!¬† They also took a little longer to get placed than I wanted.¬† I didn’t bother to mark the placement on the fabric, but just laid the pattern over it and shifted the pads until they were in the right spot.¬† I think I’m going to actually cut out the kneepad circle placement marks on the pattern itself to make it easier to mark the fabric.¬† I’m truly just glad she puts those marks on her pattern in the first place.¬† (I’ve used¬†a different pattern¬†that doesn’t offer any placement marks for rear pockets, and nearly every pair I’ve seen online has crooked pockets!¬† These marks are a must on a pattern!¬† I’m so¬†happy she took the time!)

Parsley WO Side 2 WM

She¬†has also once again offered multiple tips and sewing guidelines that exceed what she must offer to be able to sew up the pattern.¬† That makes this a great pattern to also learn from.¬† As a self-taught sewist, I would’ve loved having all these little tips strewn throughout a pattern when I was first getting started and trying to figure things out.

Parsley Wo side

I haven’t given up on this pattern yet, and you will definitely be seeing more of it!

I also finally completed a Casual Lady Top from start to finish yesterday.  I will get some pics and a post up for that soon!

Thanks for looking! ūüôā

Still more not-so-great pics for lack of time, but my hope is to possibly do some real posts for these later with Little Man actually wearing them…

Navy Grn Kid Pants WM

I gave much of my time to making some pants yesterday that I cut out a couple months ago, which were just gathering dust.¬† Though I had high hopes for these Basic Kid Pants, they turned out way too homemade for me to be comfortable allowing him to wear them in real public.¬† So they’ll likely be reserved for going to hang out with family or in the backyard.¬† Do you have a stash of homemade things you do this with, or is it just me?¬† They are navy twill with lime green contrast stitching throughout.¬† I need to work on my crummy topstitching skills, and remember that contrasting thread color is not always the way to go.¬† Fun, yes.¬† Professional-looking, not so much.

Yesterday, I also cut off those arm bands on the muscle tee I briefly showed you.¬† I didn’t bother with a seam ripper and literally cut just inside the seam allowance and hemmed the arm holes.¬† However, I forgot to take a pic.¬† The fit is still a little off, but I pulled out a similar store-bought shirt from last year, expecting it to be way too small.¬† I was very happily surprised to see that it not only stilll fit, but that the fit was quite similar in imperfections that I never noticed until trying to replicate the style.¬† So, I’m feeling a little better about the screwy fit for now, but I’ll probably try to tweak the pattern a little more later when he more desperately needs sleeveless tees.

Flashback Trio WM

What I did today was quite miniscule, but fulfilled the time commitment plus a little.¬† I cut out three short-sleeved flashback skinny tees from some of those thrifted shirts I showed you before.¬† While cutting, I also decided that the gray-blue was perfect for an “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”-inspired shirt (the song I really wanted to use for the Sew-In-Tune Sew Along, but didn’t have appropriate supplies).¬† When I told LM this, he said he wanted rain drops all over it.¬† And people.¬† I said okay to the raindrops, of course, but no to the people.¬† I have some skill with painting (I was really into drawing and painting¬†growing up and¬†art classes in college, but majored in Religion), so I can handle some basic stuff.¬† But painting people on a t-shirt isn’t really something I want to take the time to do. ūüėȬ† But I did finish the purple one in the middle¬†entirely except for paint–I’m still not sure what I’m going to put on that one, if anything.¬† I finished the shoulder seams on the other two and the sleeves on the gray-blue one.¬† I was doing it all factory-style until I ran out of the thread that coordinated with all of them…that I thought I had gobs of…but clearly didn’t.¬† Oops.

So my high motivation is beginning to dwindle slightly with the pants and muscle tee being such flops, but I’m thinking I’m going to purchase the new Parsley Pants pattern from Made-By-Rae that I’ve been DYING FOR ever since she mentioned that she was working on it with the awesome City Pants.¬† If the pattern fits LM as amazingly as the Flashback does, you will likely be seeing gobs fo them in a plethora of forms.¬† ūüôā¬† And despite my tiredness making this all seem very “blah”, I am actually FREAKING STOKED about this pattern!!!!

Last couple notes for anyone who actually reads all this nonsense rambling, I bought my URL today.¬† I’m officially now!¬† I was putting it off, just waiting until I had this whole blog thing figured out and everything perfected.¬† But just as I knew I would never start this blog if I waited until I had my brain together, I realized it may be a while before I get the hang of this WordPress host.¬† I still have so much to learn and figure out, so if things look really weird every now and then, you’ll know it’s just me experimenting.¬† Now, even though it’s only 9:30pm here, I think I’m going to bed.¬† Wow, I’m old.

Thanks for looking!¬† ūüôā

I made this a few weeks ago, but wanted to share more about it here. Jack Frost Hoodie and Pants

I typically try to stick to 100% cotton fibers (or at least natural)¬†on Little Man.¬† I must admit this outfit is anything but natural fibers.¬† When I went to Joann to find some cotton interlock knit, I happened to spot this perfect-for-a-hoodie mostly-polyester knit fabric.¬† I believe it’s called ponte knit??¬† (Please note previous statement about fabrics I buy–I clearly am new to¬†this realm of fabric!)¬† We’ve had a couple store-bought hooded shirts made of very¬†similar fabric¬†that have worked great on him in the past, so I immediately asked LM which color of this was his favorite. This purchase re-opened the door for the hoodie I thought I didn’t want to bother with.¬† It quickly became the first project I wanted to tackle for¬†his spring wardobe!

UPDATE: I went back for some more of this fabric in purple–which you’ll be seeing soon!–and it’s actually 95% cotton and 5% spandex! I was very happy about this discovery and don’t know how I missed it before. And it’s pique knit. Mommy brain strikes again… Jack Frost Hoodie

After seeing Rae’s hoodie tutorial, I realized adding a hood to a t-shirt pattern¬†would be quite simple.¬† I hadn’t used her flashback skinny tee pattern yet (though you’ve seen plenty of it here by now!), and was stoked to finally put it to use.¬† I traced and measured¬†around a hooded zip-up that fits him well to get the dimensions and shapes for the hood, cuffs, a waistband, and pouch pocket.¬† I wanted it to be similar to the style that we’ve loved on him in the past, and like all young kids, LM loves pockets!

Pouch Detail Jack Frost Hoodie

I used some green cotton interlock from Joann for the sleeves and waistband.

Side Seam Detail Jack Frost Hoodie

This is the only photo that shows the truest coloring of the shirt. Even though all the pics were taken at the same time.

I’ve never done stripes matching before, but I knew I wanted to at least try to get it matched up a little.¬† I did my best to remember the matching tips I’d read ages ago knowing that someday I would utilize what I had¬†been¬†wasting my time reading.¬†I used a million pins, which was exhausting for me, since I try to avoid them for time saving sake.¬† I¬†figured I’d either spend my time pinning¬†first or ripping out the seam 76 times to redo it–I¬†chose pinning and am¬†so glad¬†I did!

Hood Detail Jack Frost Hoodie

I did a french seam on the hood to hide the raw edges.¬† It was extremely tedious work but luckily paid off.¬† The side seams matched nearly perfectly with a few stripes being slightly off, but it wasn’t bad enough to be worth my time to fix.¬† It was no more flawed than any ready-to-wear shirt I would’ve paid for.¬†¬†I thought the way I cut the sleeves might make them match the body, but I really had no idea¬†if it was possible.¬† I now know that I just used the wrong point¬†to match for cutting.¬† I also intentionally made the pouch pocket not match, so it wouldn’t blend in.¬† I can proudly say there was much happy dancing in my kitchen during the making of this shirt! ūüėÄ

Shoulder Detail Jack Frost Hoodie

When it was done, LM realized there was a hood, and was very excited to say, “Like Jack Frost?!”¬† After seeing Rise of the Guardians just days before, he loved the idea that he was like Jack Frost in that movie–he’s portrayed as a teenager-y kid who wears…you guessed it–a hoodie!¬† So now he calls it his Jack Frost Hoodie and is always happy to put it on.

Another project I was excited for from that shopping trip was¬†this pair of Kid Pants I was finally testing using woven fabric.¬† At Hancock Fabric, I spotted some amazing turquoise linen-look rayon fabric on a clearance rack.¬† The price was still higher than I wanted to pay despite being on sale (as in $10 for one¬†yard), and it was rayon, which I try to avoid after reading how they make it, so I left it there.¬† I know you’re wondering, “But Ashley, if you left it there, however did you manage to make the¬†vibrant pants I see before my eyes??”¬†¬†It just so happens that on the¬†other side of the store in the remnants bin¬†was¬†one and half yards of it for…wait for it….$2.50!¬† These pants don’t even use a yard of fabric, so I still have some left over!¬† Can you say “bargain”?! Turquoise Pants

They were only practice, but they are perfect on him.¬† After my 2 previous version in knit fabric, I just made the pattern 3/8″ larger on both sides of the leg seams and added 3/4″ to the top.¬† I also used the patch pockets pattern Dana offers for these pants.¬† These are more for just at home or visiting my sister for a play date, but I would be okay with taking him out in them if he wanted.¬† They’re super soft and comfy.

Front Pocket Detail Turquoise Pants

I linked the hoodie up at Alida Makes for her Calling All Kids series and for the Sew-vivor Emerald Challenge.¬† It’s not emerald, but the actual contestants said since they struggled to find any emerald (didn’t fabric stores get the Pantone memo?!), they were told any green would do.¬† I wasn’t randomly selected to win or featured in any way, but just participating was enough for me.

Thanks for looking!!¬† More coming soon!¬† ūüôā

For as long as I can remember, Little Man has had an obsession with birds and fish.¬† Shortly before¬†the holidays last year, we discovered the “Suzy Goose” series by Petr Horacek.¬† We both quickly fell in love with the goofy and¬†oblivious Suzy Goose.¬† This series then led to the request for more goose books from the library (not unusual…we tend to have the max amount of books allowed for check-out at one time, and they also tend to feature one certain subject/animal.)¬† The kid loves books.¬† After cycling through many, many goose books, and reading them over and over and over, I had the brilliant idea to make¬†my 3-year-old Little Man a goose shirt.¬† Not one that would be overkill, but would be subtle (see the last post where I mention this idea).¬† After seeing Rae’s tuturial for a hooded henley, I had the idea solidly mapped in my mind, but decided to add even a little more spunk to mine with a contrasting waistband and a front pouch. Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I took slow and careful time to put this shirt together.¬† I picked up a few new skills along the way too.¬† I’ve never added trim to a hood that extends into a placket.¬† I’ve never made a knit placket (and will probably do things a little differently next time).¬† I’ve never added a binding to pouch pockets or sewn buttons through stretchy layers.¬† I learned quite a bit from this shirt, and I’m honestly amazed that it turned out as well as it did.¬† (And yes, I do see those flaws…I’ll get to them in a minute…)

Hood Trim Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I used¬†a plain white cotton jersey knit from Hancock for the main fabric, and¬†a pastely-neon yellow¬†interlock knit for the bindings and cuffs and waistband (the same as the¬†megaphone shirt in my last post–again, it doesn’t photograph accurately…also not when it’s an overcast day outside.).¬† He loves¬†yellow.¬† I know orange would make¬†more sense for¬†a goose¬†shirt’s trimmings, but I couldn’t find any locally.¬† I don’t want to start an online ordering obsession…It wouldn’t end well.¬†ūüėȬ† The buttons are a bit more¬†canary yellow than neon, but they’re about as close as¬†I could get.

Pouch Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I drafted the hood, pouch pocket, cuffs, and waistband¬†from¬†a zip-up that fits him well.¬†The base of the shirt is a flashback skinny tee in a size 5T for my three-year-old(have a mentioned my love for this pattern?! Seriously, buy it!).¬† Yeah, he’s a biggin’.¬† Not fat–he’s¬†actually quite skinny.¬† He’s just extremely tall.¬† This shirt pattern has been a God-send!

Placket Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I am always uber careful to avoid stretching knits when they aren’t supposed to be stretching.¬† But somehow, my stupid mommy brain forgot that also applied to the placket!¬† When I was fidgeting with getting the two layers neatly arranged for those buttons, it looked great and perfectly aligned!¬† Then it sat for a few minutes post-buttons-being-sewn-on.¬† Oops.¬† It shrank back to its original size and now looks crooked and the buttons misplaced.¬† Did I mention I learned a lot from this shirt??¬† Add that to the list.¬†Rae says to put interfacing¬†in the placket area to make it stronger for buttons or snaps, but since I was sewing the buttons through all layers without buttonholes, I¬†skipped it. ¬†I may go back and fix the buttons¬†later, but the more likely outcome is that I stop caring and do better next time.¬† Cuz there will definitely be a next time.¬† I also don’t like that little pucker under the placket where it was overlapped.¬† With the method used in the tutorial, this seems to be inevitable (unless I misunderstood how to do it…which is quite possible in my naptime/distracted rush of sewing).¬† That’s another reason I think I will change it up a bit next time.

Cuff and Waistband Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I love the contrast stitching on the pouch and throughout the shirt.  Since the shirt is white, the stitch lines around the armholes and such that get stretched give little peeks of the yellow thread as well.

Did you notice what’s missing?¬† Yeah.¬† That goose.¬† The goose I was so excited about.¬† After I finished sewing it and explained that I was planning to paint a small¬†goose on it next to the placket, he told me he didn’t want me to.¬† Yes, I was stunned.¬† I asked him at least 132 times if he was sure, and he was adamant that no goose was to be on this shirt.¬† He said he liked it and would wear it, but no goose.¬† Okay.¬† Less work for me, I suppose.¬† If he ever changes his mind, you’ll be seeing that goose! Silly Goose Outfit

There is a pair of pants I planned to pair with this shirt, but to keep things a quick(er) read for you (yeah, I know I’m wordy…I just can’t help myself), I’ll save it for my next post.¬† I’m also going to link this outfit up to the Sew-vivor buttons week sewalong and The Sew-Off Kids’ Clothes week (no, I’m not auditioning!).

Thanks for looking!¬† I’ve got more in the works! ūüôā