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Yet another Goodwill find a while back was a men’s hooded tee–very large and very upcyclable! The most awesome part was that it was clearly only worn a couple times. I wish you guys could feel this fabric, because it is insanely soft! (And the hood hem is just folded and looked crooked from being washed before I took the pics.)

I used the usual flashback skinny tee pattern with the existing sleeve hems intact as well part of the hood serging.  I only had to do a tiny bit of stitching on the hood piece to make it the right size. I left the bottom hem raw, since it was such a lightweight knit, it would curl perfectly, and–let’s be real–I’m lazy! I drafted my own hood pattern piece.

My sister thought I bought this one and has claimed it’s her fave thing I’ve made for LM so far! I must admit, this one passes for store bought around here, and I’m okay with that!

Thanks for looking! 🙂


thegreencateye.comLittle Man has been in love with the Grinch for a while now. When I went on my usual Goodwill trip to get some tees to refashion for last year’s spring kcw, I found a brand new,  tags-still-on-it adult size Grinch shirt for only a couple bucks. I was stoked (even if it was 9 months too soon for me to kid-size it for him)! It’s unfortunately one of those bulk tees with the stiff ick kind of fabric, but I was determined to make it work.

I used the usual flashback skinny tee pattern but added a little extra to the side and sleeve seams. I don’t love how the face had to be cut for a zoomed-in look, but family and LM love it, so I’m calling it a win!

Grinch Tee Styling 2

I used the existing sleeve hems, but did a simple zig-zag hem on the bottom after LM said the shirt was “broken on the bottom.” I used my usual yellow interlock for the neckband. The bonus for that one is it works great styled with his old “Silly Goose” hooded henley I made last year! Sure, the sleeves are getting a bit short, but this kid loves hoods now, and hello! The colors match perfectly! This dimly lit pic comes from Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and is the only reasonable one I could find of him wearing it.

I have more posts lined up and pics already edited and loaded, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more soon! Thanks for looking! 🙂