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Over the busy summer, three-year-old Little Man got to go to the movies for the first time.  Then a second and third time.  He’s a fan!  His favorite part is the food and candy that he truly does not stop eating from the beginning of the movie to the end of the credits (yes, we sit through the credits).  We buy popcorn there, but always stop for “theater candy” at the drugstore on the way (to smuggle in…).  Little Man’s candy of choice?  Junior Mints and M and Ms.  A child after my own heart!

When the themes for this season were posted for Project Run and Play, I had already been planning some fall clothes for Little Man, and candy had nothing to do with them.  But this week’s theme is “candy inspired” so I thought on it for a bit to come up with this outfit.  M and Ms seemed too rainbow and would end up unwearable around here, so Junior Mints won out.  (I also have an almost-finished outfit from last week’s theme of the pop-over dress, but life is more important to me than the internet and self-imposed deadlines, so you’ll see that one when it’s complete!)

And I apologize in advance for the sub-par pics–we finally got a break from the massive storms today, and these were the best I could do. 😦

I’ll start from the top–the tee!  The collar for the tee was cut from a brown thrift store interlock tee.  This green shirt was made from a thrift store tee I originally bought to make into a Hulk tee for my nephew, but I made him something else, so it’s Little Man’s now!


I used the existing hems on the sleeves and bottom hem to save time and stress.  My favorite part about the original tee is its tag, and I didn’t notice until after I bought it.


For two US dollars, I got a super-soft tee that was in great shape.  And it’s made in the US under fair wages conditions!  Part of why I sew for Little Man is to avoid “fast fashion”, the environmental impact of all that fabric, and the conditions the clothes are commonly made under in other countries.  This shirt was more thrilling for me than you can believe!  But I digress…

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee Pattern in a 5T and shortened the sleeves based on the length of some of his other tees.  I also made sure it was longer than most tees, because he’s always yanking on the back of his shirts even if they’re practically strangling him from the front as a result of said tugging.

I didn’t want the outfit to scream “I LOVE CANDY!”, so I came up with a more subtle approach (as usual per my regular subtle nods to popular things).  I made a freezer paper stencil for decorations on the tee.  I free-handed some Junior Mints in a row, some from straight-on, some turned to the side, and all intentionally imperfect.  I do regret the side-view pieces now–they didn’t quite turn out how I hoped.

I typed the lettering for the “Junior” and “03” and traced them to make the stencil.  I asked Little Man if he wanted the number to be “13” for the year 2013 or “03” for his age, so this was his pick.  I also think I might need to buy some new freezer paper, because the past few stencils have leaked far too much.

The pants are a bit of a mash-up pattern-wise.  After the crotch curve issues I had from the Parsley Pants pattern (totally a personal fit thing, you should absolutely buy the pattern!), and the awesomeness that came from MADE’s KID Shorts pattern, I knew the two needed combining for my impossible-to-fit little guy.  So I taped the shorts pattern together as a one-piece pattern and traced the crotch curves from the shorts onto the Parsley pattern.  The result–KID Shorts lengthened to pants with very little effort!  Rolled up, they are a great length for him right now with shoes.  But I think I may need to shorten them a little.  How do you decide how long is enough growing room for pant length?

The main fabric was purchased last spring and was LM’s pick.  It’s light-weight brown linen with black pinstripes from Joann.  I added scrap black twill to the pieces as a lining before construction to make them a little more durable and appropriate for winter.  I made oval knee pads per the Parsley pattern, and added front patch pockets with black bias trim.  I also made them with a flat front.

I love how the pockets turned out!  I planned to add back patch pockets as well, but I’m not much for welt pockets, the sharp points of a standard pocket didn’t fit with the curves of a Junior Mints theme, and a curved pocket seemed too feminine.  So we went sans rear pockets.

Little Man is stoked for his new Junior Mints outfit!  And I’m stoked he now has a nicer pair of pants for any of our future (non-existent) fancy outings!  I hope to share last week’s look with you soon!

Thanks for looking! 🙂