Blue Turtle Skirt

Hello!  Sorry for the radio silence lately…there’s been a bit of extra stress around here the past couple weeks that I’m aiming to adjust to.  And my birthday was yesterday!  I’m 29 now for those who are nosy like me and can’t get past the “she looks like she’s twelve but how old is she really?!”  And no, I’m not worried or paranoid about turning thirty.  It’s all just a number.  I also may be slightly absent for the next week or two as I finish up a paid-for project.  But after that I’ve got many things lined up to make and share, including a better version of that Wiksten Hack Tank tutorial post that I removed.  To the point of today…

Skirt Week is upon us!

Blue Turtle Skirt

As for this skirt, I’m making myself even do a post in the first place, and that’s only because I put it in with the A-line skirts for Skirt Week.  Yay, Skirt Week!  Boo on this skirt.  I’ll give you some quick details and then let you see my rushed pics that we took just before it was too dark.  I was mad then at anything and everything, but it was the last day to submit a photo, so enjoy my grumpy face in the one pic my head is seen.  (And ignore the wrinkly cardigan I pulled out of the basket of clean clothes right before heading outside.  Yikes…)

BTS outfit

The fabric is not really turtles, but kind of looks like turtles, and that’s fun, so hello, pretend turtles!  It’s a stretch cotton sateen-like fabric from Hancock (I always forget to check labels, sorry!).  I used the Sewaholic Crescent Skirt pattern, View A.  I fully lined it with white Bemberg rayon lining, but I wanted to wear it a few times before settling on where to hem that lining; so I used an overlock stitch on my regular sewing machine as a temporary finish until I make up my mind.  Unrelated: I find it hilarious that it looks like I’m wearing white tights in this pic, but no, I’m really just that pasty! 😀

BTS Lining

I added white piping to the waistband, but I would recommend forgoing the corded piping and just use some fabric strips instead.  The added bulk and dealing with topstitching on the waistband was annoying.

BTS piping and print

Those horizontal wrinkles are from my shirt, by the way–in case you think there’s something funky going on there.  I did a baby hem, but it tried to go mildly “lettuce” on me from the stretch.  Live and learn, I suppose.

BTS Back

The skirt itself isn’t all bad, but my last version of this pattern took some wearing before I learned to like it.  I’m hoping the same happens for this one.

Thanks for looking!  Sorry I’m so dull today.  The cats are at it again, and I’m not looking forward to the “unselfish sewing” I agreed to months ago.  I shall return with a bit more pep in my step! 🙂


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