Me-Made-May ’13 Final Round-Up


So, it’s finally over!  As much fun as it was, I’m relieved.  It started to wear on me to take pics and deal with choosing what me-mades I was going to wear each day.  But I can definitely say that I learned quite a bit during the month.  First the round-up:

Day 26–Casual Lady Top

I neglected to get a pic this day, but the top is here if you’re curious.  It was a random cold day, so I wore it with my hand-me-down jeans and zip-up cardigan (shocker…it’s like my daily uniform!).  It was quite comfy since it wasn’t so scorching hot outside.  I haven’t worn it as much as I thought I would, but after this day, I think it will see much more use in the cooler fall/early spring time around here.  I think…

Day 27–Just a Wiksten Tank

Ummm….again I neglected a pic, but I looked just like this, only with shorts instead of pants:

Day 31: New Tee Yet to Be Blogged

My last day was a new tee I made that will be blogged later once I finish the shorts I have sitting on my ironing board–hopefully in a couple days.

Also another goofy jump shot.  It wasn’t at all what I was hoping to get, but with ominous storm clouds visibly rolling in, I had to do something quick and this fit the bill.

And can I just say how hard it is to nail a suitable facial expression for this pose?!  I managed some very put-together smiles while in the air, but it just looked like I was floating weirdly.  Also, by ankles are sore from the 500 jumps I did in ten minutes!

Some Zoe Love

A big, fat thank you to Zoe for organizing this whole Me-Made-May business in the first place!  I’ve only really been following her blog the past year, but her influence on me regarding sustainability in the clothing industry has been huge.  I used to feel a little gross about going into our local thrift store because of a bad experience when I was much younger.  When I began sewing for little man, I decided to take the plunge and start upcycling thrifted adult garments into smaller clothes for Little Man.  After much success (and a learning curve, for sure!), I’ve been looking at the thrift store as a fabric source for myself as well.  But may it be known–around here, you don’t find straight-up fabric–it’s all clothes and blankets and toys.  I’ve learned to go in with a purpose and look for the color and type of fabric I need for a specific project (see this post to see the top that sealed that lesson for me!).  It truly is worth it.  I began to feel conviction about excessive fabric store shopping and hoarding new fabric after following Zoe’s blog for a while–a need for sustainability in the textile industry is a very big deal.  But that’s a post for another day…

What I learned from Me-Made-May ’13:

-It is valuable to take the time needed to create a well-fitting garment.  Otherwise, I’m wasting time and fabric.

-I realized last year that I’m not a dress-maker.  As much as I’d love to wear flowy dresses and skirts, as a mom, I don’t have the energy to worry about my skirt receiving a nice upward gust of wind.  I also gravitate toward jeans/shorts and a shirt anyway.  So that’s what I make, and I should continue on that mission.

-I need to make myself some easy-to-wear comfy clothes that look put together.  On the May days that I couldn’t seem to like any of my me-mades, I ended up in a RTW tank and cardigan.  That was a light-bulb moment for me.

-Taking the time to actually fix my hair from time-to-time isn’t all bad!

-Taking better blog photos is worth the time–even if it means I have to wait a day or two to get the post up.  I’ve been working on it prior to May (hopefully the efforts haven’t gone unnoticed!), but as far as pics of myself go, I’m learning (as is my husband/photographer!).

-In my drive to make some items for summer, I found myself “shopping my stash” and using the old fabrics I had been too afraid to use.  And I don’t regret using them!  Who knew?!  I used a total of five stash fabrics in the past month and a half.  I still have plenty of each left over, but I wasn’t trying to get rid of my stash.  I was just trying not to buy new fabrics.  It’s paid off, because I love seeing that I’ve actually used them and am now able to wear them instead of just seeing them sitting on a shelf.

-After reading others’ posts who committed to no outfit repeats and hated that they couldn’t wear their fave dresses or outfits more than once in the month–I will never be committing to no repeats if I do this challenge in the future.  I also tend to wear my fave clothes more than once before they hit the washer (don’t act like you don’t do it, too! Right??).

There’s probably more that I’ve gained from this, but that’s all I can think of for now.  Thanks for following my Me-Made-May ’13 journey! 🙂

  1. dandeliondrift said:

    Next year I am definitely going to participate! That gives me a whole year to prep. This whole blogging thing and posting pictures of myself has been hard. I definitely prefer to be behind the camera, behind the scenes, but I am working on getting over my self consciousness.
    Your photos have been awesome!

    • Thank you! If you ever met me in person, you’d probably be surprised that I would even be willing to do the craziness I’ve posted for MMM ’13! I’m actually quite the introvert, but I want to have fun with it. It helps that 3-year-old LM is always on the sidelines of every pic I’ve posted so far–I don’t have time to be self-conscious. But that also means not getting the “perfect shot” for most garments. I’m glad you’re motivated to participate next year! I’ve loved seeing your creations so far! 🙂

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