MMM ’13 Week Four Round-Up


This week was a bit rough, but I still managed to keep my commitment to three me-made garments this week.  I had to push myself a little to keep from wearing the same shirts I keep wearing over and over.  I guess there is some motivation for variety when I’m actually documenting this for the world–gotta try to keep things interesting, right?

Day 21–Barely Wearable Sleeveless Button-Down Muslin

I was feeling/looking pretty gross this day, so I cropped out my head.  I’m sure you’re missing it! 😉 I’m a little embarrassed to even show you this one,  but for any newbies who think I’ve got it all together (ha, yeah right!), you can really come a long way in a year.  This is a wearable muslin from last year’s venture into pattern drafting.  It looks okay with a cardigan over it, but the shoulders and armholes are a mess!  This top was made of some pink lightweight fabric from the quilting section of Hancock, and it has tiny white flowers on it.  Whenever I see fabrics that remind me of my late Grandma, I buy a little–usually with no plan for what it will become.  But this one I knew I wanted to be a sleeveless button-down, because a sleeveless button-down and capris was my Grandmother’s “uniform” for summer.  Obviously, that makes this top a little bit “old lady” as my husband says, but it reminds me of her every time I see it and wear it, and that feeling is one I love.  If you look closely enough, you might be able to see how the upper button isn’t actually buttoned at all and is held together with a safety pin from the inside…yes, that’s right, a safety pin.  I was hurrying to finish it and just grabbed a bunch of vintage buttons that looked the same size (yeah, you know what I’m getting at…).  Well, they weren’t the same size, but my buttonholes are, so that button doesn’t button.  That’s one more for the “why Ashley needs to work on not being lazy when sewing” category!

Day 24 Theme Friday–Floral Sunburst Tee

We went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum this day, which we do at least once a month for 3-year-old Little Man.  We took the camera along to take random pictures of me for the Me-Made-May ’13 Flickr group‘s “Hometown” Theme Friday.

That’s me with the cast of a Super Croc (think dinosaur days–there are also some dino casts and I think a couple real deal fossils in there, too), a polar bear that stands 9 feet tall (it’s on a platform–I’m not that short), and on the indoor carousel (on a goat!  What carousel has a GOAT?!).  I told you about this top a couple days ago, so I won’t repeat myself except that it is really the most comfy tee I’ve made.  I habitually was reaching for it to pull it or situate it–just to find that it was perfectly placed and in no need of adjusting!  The actual fit may need some side seam adjusting, but this tee will undoubtedly be worn to shreds.

Day 25–Just a Wiksten

I blogged this one yesterday, so feel free to check it out for more info.  I’ll just say I like the color, but I’m not sure I’ll be making many more of the original style–the loose woven makes me feel huge even if I don’t look it.  It’ll get worn, but probably more as a back-up when I just want to wear a bright color.

So that’s my week.  Only a few more days to go!  Thanks for looking!  🙂

  1. dandeliondrift said:

    Your button up looks great. The button placket and collar look perfect. And I like the small flower print!

  2. Thank you! I do love how clean the collar and placket turned out–they’re the only reason I’m willing to wear it in public under a cardi. 😀

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