Floral Sunburst Tee

Since a basic tee is rather boring, I’ll be brief.  I made this.  The end.


Okay, not really.  I have no idea what this knit fabric is called, but I got it at The French Seam a year ago when they were having an awesome anniversary sale.  Since we had to drive rather far to get there, I spent loads and bought gobs of indie patterns as well (my Crescent Skirt pattern and orange linen it’s made of–seen here–are from there, too).  I spent more on this knit than I really wanted, but I loved it so, and I still have enough left over to make another tee–yay!  Here is the print…if you know what it’s called for reference, feel free to let me know.  I don’t normally buy “designer” fabric, but I think it was from France??


I used my “Don’t Be Lazy!” Shirt pattern (forever more will be known as the DBL shirt, fyi).  I cut the sleeve to be a cap sleeve, and I’m quite happy with it.  After sewing it all up, it seemed rather boxy with no waist definition, so I took the waist seam line in a bit.  The weight of this fabric is a little heavier than the DBL shirt, so the neckline doesn’t lay quite as flat.  I’m hoping after a wash that it will straighten out a little more.


I think that’s all that can be said!  I love it, and I had to remind myself all day at the Children’s Museum that I actually made the shirt that was so very comfortable.  So, I’m calling it a win!

Thanks for looking!  🙂

Oh yeah, and added this one, too.


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