MMM ’13 Week 3 Round Up


Holy cow!  Week Three over already!  Granted, Week One was all of three days, but still–it’s flying!  I didn’t do much spunk this week, though I had aspirations of it.  It’s been rainy and suddenly very, very hot the past week.  And as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been dealing with feuding cats…the bites are starting to heal pretty well, for those who care.  All that’s left are the marks and some bruising around them on one arm (yeah–bruising from a cat bite?!  What the heck?!).  I’m finally done with the Band-Aids, but the cats’ struggling to get along is exhausting at night.  Too little rest kills my spunk.  But enough rambling–on to the MMM round up!

Day 14: Scout Tee Muslin

I made a muslin of Grainline Studio’s Scout Woven Tee.  I decided to go for it “straight out of the envelope” and make no adjustments.  Ouch, such a mistake.  I’ll detail this one more when I make and blog about the real one.  The fabric is like lining fabric on the inside, but feels like rayon challis on the outside.  The print is better in person and not so pink (I really don’t know how a gray bathroom with no pink in it at all can wash everything in a picture with a pink tone!).  I wore this shirt out with my sister that afternoon, and my face made it look like I loved my shirt, but on the inside, I felt something like this:

http://collider.csource: the-incredible-hulk/page/2/


That’s the Incredible Hulk for those who don’t know–when he gets angry, he grows and his muscles get all huge, and his shirt turns to shreds in the process (but I’ve never actually seen this movie…).  Like the Hulk, I felt like flexing my back was going to pop the seams open (and offer much relief!)!  The back is just too slim between my shoulders, and my low armpits were causing ridiculous pulling and pinching.  It was bad enough that I was considering buying a shirt to change into!  So, needless to say, this one will be donated after I get the fit adjusted.  But more on that top later…

Day 17: The “Don’t Be Lazy!” Shirt

I’m still loving this shirt (even if everyone else is tired of seeing it).  I especially loved it paired with these RTW shorts and sandals.  It was the epitome of comfy!

Day 17: Wiksen Hack Tank

Yes, that’s right!  The Wiksten Hack Tank again!  But the good news is that after washing, the collar doesn’t stick out quite as much.  Those are RTW jeans as well–lest you think I have gone into the making-my-own-jeans territory.  No, not yet.  But soon!

I didn’t participate in Theme Friday this week (though I had intentions of drawing a giant sombrero on our wall with sidewalk chalk, but it was too rainy), and I felt a little bummed.  But I was too exhausted from breaking up the nighttime kitty fights the past few nights to care enough to make a Theme Friday pic happen.  😦  Oh well, there will be next week!

And yes, I only did three me-made outfits this week (except pajamas), but that’s what my challenge was for myself.  I’m glad I stuck with my gut for what would be a doable challenge for me.  With the weather change, it’s been frustrating some days, but it’s also helped me see what kinds of staples I need in my wardrobe for days when nothing feels like it fits right.

Thanks for looking!  How is your MMM ’13 adventure going?


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