Dotty Wiksten Hack

After my first Wiksten Hack Tank, I wanted to alter the pattern while it was still fresh in my mind.  I love the first one despite its flaws–it’s very comfortable and cool.  A quick note on that first one, though the neckline still sticks up/out, since it’s been through the washer, it has flattened out some.  Yay!

Onto this new one!   I used some old stash fabric for this one.  The solid green is some olive green rayon knit, and the top part is some polka dot quilting cotton that I should’ve thought more about first.  I made the woven part with a full second layer to work as a facing (kind of like my Casual Lady Top, but this “facing” goes only as far as the outer bodice piece).

The process worked great for the point in the front, but it ended up too heavy and thick overall.  Hopefully after washing it, it will soften up.  But it was stash fabric, so I’m not too bummed.

When I was making a Kraft paper pattern for my alterations, I stupidly shifted the back pattern piece a goofy and wrong way for the top shoulder part.  I ended up with a pattern piece with the excess taken out at the arm hole instead of at the neckline.  This caused a “wings” kind of look on the back.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I did it, but it was such an idiot move!  It looks better in the pics than it does in person.  Those aren’t my shoulder blades poking that you’re seeing–it just drapes that way.

I’ve tried putting this on to wear out 3 different times since I made it, and I end up too uncomfortable and change before getting out the door. 😦  But, again, I’m hoping a trip through the washer changes that.

And don’t you just love the Band-Aids on my arms?  We have three cats that never really fight.  But a couple nights ago, two of them began going at it–even running across the kitchen table hissing, scratching, chasing…and peeing!  Thank heavens for PDF pattern that I can reprint, because my Wiksten Tank and Scout Tee patterns fell victim to the scared kitty’s bladder.  SO GROSS!  Then in pulling the chaser away from the chasee, the cat who never hurts or bites–yeah, the bugger bit me!  For all my cat knowledge (hi, note the name of my blog), I didn’t know that cat bites are really dangerous and have an 85% infection rate (even indoor, rabies-free cats)!  WHAT?!  Luckily, my sister clued me in, I went to the doctor, and am on “precautionary” antibiotics (which I hate doing!).  But it turns out that’s a pretty good thing, because two of the four punctures in my arms are looking a bit nasty, even with the antibiotic ointment I applied right afterward.  So, learn from me–if you ever get bit by a cat, go to the doctor!  Yikes. So now I have Band-Aid arms for the third day in a row. :/

So that’s my latest Wiksten Hack and a crazy cat story.  Thanks for looking! 🙂

And again, putting this one in the pool!


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