Wiksten Hack Tank

thegreencateye.com Wiksten Hack Tank

This shirt was inspired by an old RTW tank that gets much use.  I knew I wanted to make something similar to it, but I didn’t want to mess with drafting a pattern or tracing the existing tank (some parts of it annoy me).  After much searching and debating between the Tiny Pocket Tank and the Wiksten Tank, I came upon a post on crab & bee about Morgan choosing the Wiksten tank for its lack of bust darts.  That settled it for me, since I didn’t want or need bust darts for my design, and it was simple–perfect for a hack!

WH side wm

Though I mentioned before about really trying to be a more careful sewist and not be lazy, this project was quick and dirty, and truthfully, I’m amazed it worked out as well as it did!  After Little Man took forever to go to sleep for the night, I worked on it until 1am on Monday just to finish it.  I made a lot of sleep-deprived mistakes (you’d think I would’ve learned by now to just go to bed…).

WH back full wm

The upper fabric came from Hancock, and the lower rayon knit was cut from a thrifted shirt I got for $2.50 on a half-price Saturday (see pic below, but please note, I would never wear it layered this way.  I just wanted a quick shot of how it fit.).  I kept the top portion to use on something else later on.

WH Gray Before Col

Though I feel much more confident in my knit-hemming abilities after my “Don’t Be Lazy!” shirt, I chose to save myself some time and used the existing hem of the shirt.  This meant omitting the curvy hemline in the original Wiksten design, but I decided it was worth it.  I used two layers on the front bodice piece, since the woven fabric is really thin.  I intended to do the same on the back, but I cut the first piece wrong (did I mention I was tired?).  I used orange bias tape for all the finishing instead of self-bias that there is a pattern piece for.  The inside–I’m glad a went with orange bias tape:

WH Inside Bodice wm

I made a straight muslin first of how the Wiksten pattern was supposed to look and found I needed a rounded back adjustment.  I asked my husband to pin it for me, so I could make an accurate adjustment, but he struggled with understanding how to pin it so it wouldn’t shift.  I had to fully trust the measurement he gave me without really knowing if it was completely correct.  I then went with what Rae suggested when making hers and just shifted the pattern during the cutting process.  More insides:

WH Bodice Seam wm

After finishing the shirt, I think I could’ve taken out a bit more of the pattern for a better fit.  However, the shoulders also gape a bit at the top–the pattern looks like it has more shoulder sloping than my shoulders need.  I think I’m going to open up the neck binding at the shoulder seams and straighten out the seam a bit to see if that helps for next time.  I plan on making a couple more of these, so next time I’ll take some pics to explain a bit more in detail of how I went about deciding where to make the cut for the bodice piece–I actually didn’t intend for it to cut right across the bust.  Another sleep-deprived mistake…I forgot to add my seam allowance when cutting the gray, so I had to steal some from the print when sewing it up.  Oh my brain…

WH neck side me wm

I also don’t like how the front neckline lays.  When looking at others’ versions, it seemed almost 50/50 with whether or not I would have this issue.  I’m going to try to stretch the bias tape a little bit as I stitch it on next time to see it if will make it lay flat (lie flat? lay flat? I can never remember that one…).

WH Neckline Me wm

Regardless of the mistakes, I will be wearing this shirt all summer long.  It’s cool and comfy, which is perfect for the sweltering heat.  I’ll be sure to take some pics of the process for next time to show more of how I did this in case any new sewists might not know how it’s done.

thegreencateye.com Wiksten Hack Tank

Thanks for looking!  I always appreciate it when you guys stop by to look at my stuff–it makes me feel a bit less like an island! 🙂

I’m not much of a blog promoter, and I’m always paranoid about linking up a project (especially in more than one place), but in the interest of participating in this amazing sewing community, I’m linking up here this time:


  1. dandeliondrift said:

    The drape of the gray knit is beautiful!

    • Thank you! I got very lucky with that thrift store find. It was exactly what I was going for. 🙂

  2. Jamie said:

    Cute top, I like the orange flowered top, gives it a pop of color. I just love tops that are simple and easy to make.

    • Thanks! I agree with simple and easy makes. That’s one major reason I love the “cheating” method of using an existing hem from a thrifted or old item. 🙂

  3. photosarah said:

    Cute! I chose the tiny pocket tank over the Wiksten tank for the bust darts actually. Yours worked out quite nicely.

    • Thank you! I do think bust darts would allow a bit more shape to the top, but my choice was solidified by knowing I was going to hack it up anyway. On a normal version, I do think that shaping would be nice! 🙂

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