MMM ’13 Week One Round-Up


My challenge commitment was 3 me-mades a week.  But I’m only counting my pajamas when I have to from not really going out (and I have lots of those that are me-made!).  So far so good…

Day One was pjs, so here’s Day 2 with my new Casual Lady Top.  (By the way, this picture totally cracks me up and looks like a high school senior picture styling!)

CL top best wm

Day Three was my old orange linen Crescent Skirt.  It was also Theme Friday with the theme “Water.”  This was my take on that:

MMMD2 Jump shot wm

Perfect jump shot courtesy of my awesome husband!  I came downstairs with a big box of sidewalk chalk and said, “I need you to take my picture.  It’s Me-Made-May and today’s Friday theme is water.”  He looked at me funny but did my bidding without question (which is quite out of character but great)!

Here’s the outfit normally:

MMM D2 all wm

And today was mini marathon day.  I employed my old peacock Renfrew tee to be extra comfy in the cold and rain while my husband ran 13.1 miles.  There are actually lots of small light green peacocks on it (I’ll probably give a better detail pic later in the month.), but J took this for me after he ran.  He’s been quite the photography trooper lately!

MMM '13 D4 wm

Week One is done!  I always wondered what was really to be learned about doing this, and only 4 days in, I’m already starting to get it!  I remembered the peacock Renfrew as too small and uncomfortable.  Needless to say, I remembered wrong! 🙂

UPDATE: go here to see a detail shot of the lovely peacocks!

The Flickr group is crazy amazing if you want to check it out!

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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