Casual Lady Top Casual Lady Top

Finally, here it is!  When I first saw this Casual Lady Top pattern and the story behind it, I thought it was an amazing thing Andrea is doing.  The purchase of the pattern goes toward funds to support women taken out of sex trafficking, which is absolutely amazing.  GO HERE to learn more!  I didn’t intend to buy the pattern, but after seeing a few others’ versions of the top, I decided that even if my version sucked, at least I was supporting a good cause.  I admire Andrea greatly for what she is doing and her willingness to take money away from her sale of this pattern and give it to women in need.  It’s truly, TRULY amazing!  As of the May 25, the full proceeds are still going there.

CL collage

Enough gushing, on to the pattern…  I wasn’t planning on making changes to the pattern, but the fabric from my stash that I settled on was too light and thin to conceal a facing, and I would have to wear a tank underneath it to keep things “modest.”  So, I decided to make the facing into a full second layer, but attach it as though it was a facing.  Does that even make sense?  Hope so… If not, maybe the pics will help.  This is the inside of the shirt:

CL no facing edit

I used what I think is a rayon knit that I got last year from Crimson Tate::Modern Quilter, which is a local modern quilting store, but she carries lots of awesomeness.  Apparel fabrics are not usually in her inventory, but from last time I was there, she does carry the voiles and such from the awesome designers.  When I spotted this border print knit, I fell in love with it.  I was never sure what I wanted to do with it, so I decided to take a chance on this top.  By no flaw of the pattern, I think this fabric (and my choosing to layer it) made the fit a little weird.  And a little kid-ish with some old-lady-ish thrown in. :/  But Little Man looked up at me today, not even knowing I made it, and said, “I like your shirt.  It’s pretty.”  However, I think he meant the print, since that’s what he was staring at. 🙂 Casual Lady Top

I do intend to take in the waist seams a little to shoot for some shape definition, because as is, it’s not very flattering.  (Yes another dorky, unflattering self-pic in my bathroom…My sis was on the agenda as photographer today, but one of her littles fell ill today.  But, hey, I told you I was gonna be keeping it real!  **But, hey again!  I updated it with a husband-taken shot!)   What’s odd about the fit is that I actually utilized my “Don’t Be Lazy” shirt pattern to help in choosing how to grade for my not-too-curvy self.  Realistically, the fit should’ve been similar, but alas, it wasn’t.  But that’s my fault, not the pattern.

CL side slit edit

I was originally on the fence, but chose not to hem it.  When I first completed the top, the hem wasn’t rolling up and just laid flat, so I was concerned about how that would look; but after wearing it all day, the hem finally started doing its thing.  I also had left the bottom side seams open in case I chose to cut the top layer slightly shorter than the bottom.  However, after the hem rolled up, I don’t think that will be necessary, and I think I rather like the side slit there.  I may or may not finish it properly later.

CL sleeve edit

I cut the inside layer so only the lattice print is on it–I was worried about how the darker parts of the border print would look when they were overlapped.  I’m happy with how that aspect turned out.

Overall, this pattern was a pretty quick sew and worth the splurge.  The directions were great and thorough.  You should go for it and support an awesome cause in the process!  You’ll probably also see another version here eventually. 🙂  I linked this one up to her link party:


and because Rae extended the Spring Top Sewalong, I’m also going to add this to the pool.

Thanks for looking! 🙂

  1. Helen said:

    Hi! As I said on Flickr, this is a truly beautiful border print. I’ve never seen anything like it! And I don’t think the top looks shapeless at all! 🙂 I like it!

    • Thank you! After wearing it a little more and seeing the better pics, I think I may have been a bit too critical. I love that border print, too! I wish I had purchased more of it. 🙂

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