A Quick Note About the Blog

I wanted to quickly share with you why I started this blog and what you can expect to see here on a routine basis.  I know the best blogs are ones that meet your expectations for content and consistency of posts–so I’m offering you a start to some realistic expectations! 🙂

Shirt in Action

I started the green cat eye to offer all who were interested a small peek into my world and life–much like a cat peeking into a mouse hole.  You may not see the whole picture, but what you see is real and honest and truly me.  I may not always offer the best photography, but I’m a stay-at-home mom who wants to share my projects with you in a way that doesn’t take over my life.  I’m not always as proud of the lower-quality images, but I feel okay with just getting it out there.  I tend to procrastinate, and the longer I put something off (like getting amazing outdoor photos!), the less likely it is to happen at all.

Megaphone Full Shirt

I don’t always love what I create.  It doesn’t always turn out right.  I’m not going to be a perfect-project blogger.  You are going to see real here–and that includes failures, but mainly the ones that I learn something from.

Navy Grn Kid Pants WM

It won’t always be clothes here, but I intend to show you a new project each week; if I don’t manage to complete one, you may see an in-progess post.  You will soon be seeing some music-related posts and some book-related posts (both kid and adult).  I also plan to incorporate weekly “tips that make my life easier” posts in the way of entertaining Little Man while I do my thing, and also some simple sewing tips and maybe basic how-I-do-it posts.  I made a whole list of ideas a few days ago and am more than ready to tackle them and share what’s in my brain.

Muscle Tee Flop WM

(he pulled his hat like that, by the way) 😉

A Little Note About Little Man

It took everything in me to hit publish on a post a few weeks ago that officially put LM’s face out there in a very real way.  I added another post with the Parsley Pants.  And late last night, I decided I am not okay with it.  I know all the amazing kids’ clothes sewing bloggers put their kids out there, and I LOVE seeing them loving life and growing up–it enriches the content in a great way.  I also know I’m stalling any success rate by not including his face on here.  But after much consideration about why I started this blog in the first place, it’s about the things I make, not about my kid’s face.  It saves me stress of the what-ifs and worry.  So you will see the clothes actually on him, but his face will be cropped out or he will have a cute mask (of my making) on his face.  If it annoys you, I understand, but I’m not sorry.

Parsley WO front wm

I appreciate all who take the time to look at this blog and actually reading my ramblings.  Thank you for taking the time!

Do you struggle with putting your kids’ faces out there?  What do you do to work around it??  (I’m sincerely asking, if you have ideas or tips!)

I got some pics of the top I’ve been promising, and you will likely see it show up late tonight. 😉

PS Peruse past posts for the pics you see here (until I have time to post links).


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