KCW Final Moments

I was pretty much tapped by Thursday after the few sewing flops that I had with the navy pants and running out of thread on the three tees.  But I bought the Parsley Pants Pattern on Friday, bought fabric for them on Saturday, sewed them up on Sunday, and finally got some pics on Monday.  And you can also see the Tyrone shirt in action.  (That’s a flashback skinny tee in case you don’t feel like clicking over to the post to find out.)

Parsley WO front wm

I struggled with deciding on a size, because, after eating, 3-year-old Little Man is a straight up 21-inches-circumference rectangle–chest, waist, hips, all 21 inches.  I went with the size 4, but I think next time I’ll try a size 3.   I made absolutely no changes to this pattern–I used the recommended width of elastic with the appropriate length for LM; and the hem allowance had extra fabric that I just folded into the hem.  Allow me to explain.

First I have to mention, the entire time I was making these pants, I was thinking, “Wow, am I ever doing Rae proud with the dorkiest, most boring fabric on the planet!”  But as much as I wanted bold and fun, he needs some basic pants that will match most of the crazy bold, colorful shirts his closet is filled with.  After scouring the entirety of Joann Fabrics twice, I had to disappointingly settle on this camel-colored bottom-weight cotton.  I’m not excited about it, but it grew on me as I was working with it.  The next pair will have a bit more spunk and possibly an octopus ribbon tuxedo stripe.  But for now, the boring ones…

thegreencateye.com Parsley Pants

This size came up a but high (rise-wise) on him when pulled up all the way, which normally I don’t mind.  But for some reason, once he takes off running, the pants begin to ride up into a bit of a wedge.  Seen here:

parsley wedge

Then after he bends, kneels, and moves around some more, we ended up with saggy butt.  Seen here:

parsley saggy butt

I think this is all due to the rise being too high.  The seersucker pants I made that ended up with too high of a rise do this same sagging thing as his pants tend to sink to just above his hips.  And that’s regardless of how tight I make the elastic (rectangle boy strikes again!).  I think the smaller size could possibly fix all of these issues.

The hem length was a couple inches longer than I needed, so that just got folded up into the hem to be let down later in the fall.

perfect knee patch placement wm

I must give a shout-out to that those kneepad placement pattern marks!  When I sewed them on, they really looked too close to the inseam, but as you can see, they are spot on!  They also took a little longer to get placed than I wanted.  I didn’t bother to mark the placement on the fabric, but just laid the pattern over it and shifted the pads until they were in the right spot.  I think I’m going to actually cut out the kneepad circle placement marks on the pattern itself to make it easier to mark the fabric.  I’m truly just glad she puts those marks on her pattern in the first place.  (I’ve used a different pattern that doesn’t offer any placement marks for rear pockets, and nearly every pair I’ve seen online has crooked pockets!  These marks are a must on a pattern!  I’m so happy she took the time!)

Parsley WO Side 2 WM

She has also once again offered multiple tips and sewing guidelines that exceed what she must offer to be able to sew up the pattern.  That makes this a great pattern to also learn from.  As a self-taught sewist, I would’ve loved having all these little tips strewn throughout a pattern when I was first getting started and trying to figure things out.

Parsley Wo side

I haven’t given up on this pattern yet, and you will definitely be seeing more of it!

I also finally completed a Casual Lady Top from start to finish yesterday.  I will get some pics and a post up for that soon!

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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