KCW Days 3 & 4

Still more not-so-great pics for lack of time, but my hope is to possibly do some real posts for these later with Little Man actually wearing them…

Navy Grn Kid Pants WM

I gave much of my time to making some pants yesterday that I cut out a couple months ago, which were just gathering dust.  Though I had high hopes for these Basic Kid Pants, they turned out way too homemade for me to be comfortable allowing him to wear them in real public.  So they’ll likely be reserved for going to hang out with family or in the backyard.  Do you have a stash of homemade things you do this with, or is it just me?  They are navy twill with lime green contrast stitching throughout.  I need to work on my crummy topstitching skills, and remember that contrasting thread color is not always the way to go.  Fun, yes.  Professional-looking, not so much.

Yesterday, I also cut off those arm bands on the muscle tee I briefly showed you.  I didn’t bother with a seam ripper and literally cut just inside the seam allowance and hemmed the arm holes.  However, I forgot to take a pic.  The fit is still a little off, but I pulled out a similar store-bought shirt from last year, expecting it to be way too small.  I was very happily surprised to see that it not only stilll fit, but that the fit was quite similar in imperfections that I never noticed until trying to replicate the style.  So, I’m feeling a little better about the screwy fit for now, but I’ll probably try to tweak the pattern a little more later when he more desperately needs sleeveless tees.

Flashback Trio WM

What I did today was quite miniscule, but fulfilled the time commitment plus a little.  I cut out three short-sleeved flashback skinny tees from some of those thrifted shirts I showed you before.  While cutting, I also decided that the gray-blue was perfect for an “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”-inspired shirt (the song I really wanted to use for the Sew-In-Tune Sew Along, but didn’t have appropriate supplies).  When I told LM this, he said he wanted rain drops all over it.  And people.  I said okay to the raindrops, of course, but no to the people.  I have some skill with painting (I was really into drawing and painting growing up and art classes in college, but majored in Religion), so I can handle some basic stuff.  But painting people on a t-shirt isn’t really something I want to take the time to do. 😉  But I did finish the purple one in the middle entirely except for paint–I’m still not sure what I’m going to put on that one, if anything.  I finished the shoulder seams on the other two and the sleeves on the gray-blue one.  I was doing it all factory-style until I ran out of the thread that coordinated with all of them…that I thought I had gobs of…but clearly didn’t.  Oops.

So my high motivation is beginning to dwindle slightly with the pants and muscle tee being such flops, but I’m thinking I’m going to purchase the new Parsley Pants pattern from Made-By-Rae that I’ve been DYING FOR ever since she mentioned that she was working on it with the awesome City Pants.  If the pattern fits LM as amazingly as the Flashback does, you will likely be seeing gobs fo them in a plethora of forms.  🙂  And despite my tiredness making this all seem very “blah”, I am actually FREAKING STOKED about this pattern!!!!

Last couple notes for anyone who actually reads all this nonsense rambling, I bought my URL today.  I’m officially thegreencateye.com now!  I was putting it off, just waiting until I had this whole blog thing figured out and everything perfected.  But just as I knew I would never start this blog if I waited until I had my brain together, I realized it may be a while before I get the hang of this WordPress host.  I still have so much to learn and figure out, so if things look really weird every now and then, you’ll know it’s just me experimenting.  Now, even though it’s only 9:30pm here, I think I’m going to bed.  Wow, I’m old.

Thanks for looking!  🙂


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