Coming Up on The Green Cat Eye

So, this is happening soon:


And I crazily have decided to sign up this time.  But don’t expect an overflow of reports or daily pics–I only pledged to wear three me-made garments a week for the duration of May.  Remember how I mentioned I don’t have many completed garments to show for my work due to cutting corners and good-enough sewing habits?  Yeah, I’m gonna be kicking myself for that next month.  Hopefully I’ll still be able to squeeze in some selfish sewing soon (like that Casual Lady Top I didn’t get to start yet!), because…

Spring KCW starts tomorrow! Full description here, but mainly–sew kids clothes for at least one hour each day for a week. I’ve seen lots of amazing things on other blogs for what some have accomplished, and I’m a little nervous to announce that I’m actually going to participate this time (look at me being such a joiner!)!  Though I have a rough plan of what I’m going to be making this week, I don’t yet have a blogging-about-it plan. But, rest assured, all the hard work will not go undocumented!

A few days ago, I made a trip to Goodwill (the American chain thrift store) to seek out some shirts and pants/shorts I could cut up and sew into clothes for Little Man. I was very picky this time, but I managed to find a few great things that I never could’ve found in a fabric store; and for a lower cost (both for my wallet and the environment!). Here are my rough plans for the week:  This stack of like-new condition tees willl become…


A few short-sleeved tees. After purging his closet last month of all the shirts and pants that he could no longer wear in public (since three-year-old boys don’t wear crop tops…), I realized just how little he really has to wear once the consistently hot weather hits. Luckily, here in Indiana, I can still get away with the very few he has, since we only get hot shorts weather for two days before it snows, then goes back into the 70s. Yes, really, that has been the past couple weeks around here–no joke! But summer is coming soon, and I need to be ready, so these thrifted tees will also become…


Muscle tees. They’re a summer must for him–he gets sweaty just sitting still in air conditioning, so I have to make sure fabrics are light and breathable and cover as little of him as is modestly possible.  Not to mention, he looks so cute in them!  I’m really happy I finally have an awesome, reliable t-shirt pattern that I know works for him and is incredibly adaptable.  I bet you can’t guess what pattern it is.  Try, I dare you.  Yeah, ok, so you know it’s the Flashback Skinny Tee.  I promise I’m not being paid for the incessant promotion of this pattern–it just really is that great! 😀


Shorts. And an unfinished pair of pants (more on that later…).  What I’m most stoked about is these shorts I got from the thrift store.  How awesome are those white/teal plaid shorts?!  They were actually plus size, so I know my pattern will fit, but even better–they’ve never even been worn!  The extra buttons baggie was still hanging from the inside tag.  Can you say “Score!”?!  I can’t wait to get them super-sized down for LM.  I like the muted tones in the brown plaid as well–there’s actually a bright orange stripe running in there, too, but it’s not very noticable here.  It’ll go great with the orange shirts I have planned.


An interesting (to me) sewing something about that last pinstripe pair–I’m pretty sure the original owner actially cut off pants and sewed them into shorts!  The inside has a clearly hand-stitched hem that doesn’t match the rest of these shorts’ guts.  They did a careful job of it too with making sure to only barely prick the white fabric for maximum invisibility.  They must not have felt like taking more time to fix the stitching when it popped.  It’s always lovely to find something that is not corporate made.  I love seeing (and knowing from a seamstress’ perspective) how much time and effort was put into such a simple garment.  It makes me wonder if they were hard for the original owner to give up; and how they would feel knowing someone actually paid money for something that contained their own hard sewing work.  Anyhow, I love this fabric, and I think it’ll look beachy-cute on LM as shorts (but then again, we all know how that thought turned out last time…).

I got a few other things as well, but I’ll save those for later when I actually intend to use them.  Except this last gem:


I found this one on the $1.99 t-shirt wall (original price of $20 on sale).  If you don’t watch The Office, sorry this shirt will make no sense to you, but my husband is obsessed.  We even have a bobble-head collection that I gave him for his thirtieth birthday at his The Office-themed surprise birthday party where everyone was dressed up as a designated character from the show.  I bought this one because of my husband.  I think the print is still too wide to fit on anything for LM right now, but maybe in a couple years it will work.  Unless I find a better use before then.  Needless to say, my husband was quite pleased!

So, are you participating in Me-Made May ’13 or KCW?  Do you buy all new fabrics for sewing, or are you a thrift store scavenger?  I’m actually quite new to the thrift store scene, but I’ve been loving the savings and unique fabrics.  Which is ironic, since just a couple years ago, I found the idea of buying used clothes to be quite gross…how the tables have turned! 😀

And, wow!  I used a lot of exclamation points in this post!  I guess I’m more excited for this week than I thought! And for good measure–!!!!

Thanks for looking!  🙂


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