“Silly Goose” Hooded Henley…Minus the Goose

For as long as I can remember, Little Man has had an obsession with birds and fish.  Shortly before the holidays last year, we discovered the “Suzy Goose” series by Petr Horacek.  We both quickly fell in love with the goofy and oblivious Suzy Goose.  This series then led to the request for more goose books from the library (not unusual…we tend to have the max amount of books allowed for check-out at one time, and they also tend to feature one certain subject/animal.)  The kid loves books.  After cycling through many, many goose books, and reading them over and over and over, I had the brilliant idea to make my 3-year-old Little Man a goose shirt.  Not one that would be overkill, but would be subtle (see the last post where I mention this idea).  After seeing Rae’s tuturial for a hooded henley, I had the idea solidly mapped in my mind, but decided to add even a little more spunk to mine with a contrasting waistband and a front pouch.

thegreencateye.com Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I took slow and careful time to put this shirt together.  I picked up a few new skills along the way too.  I’ve never added trim to a hood that extends into a placket.  I’ve never made a knit placket (and will probably do things a little differently next time).  I’ve never added a binding to pouch pockets or sewn buttons through stretchy layers.  I learned quite a bit from this shirt, and I’m honestly amazed that it turned out as well as it did.  (And yes, I do see those flaws…I’ll get to them in a minute…)

Hood Trim Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I used a plain white cotton jersey knit from Hancock for the main fabric, and a pastely-neon yellow interlock knit for the bindings and cuffs and waistband (the same as the megaphone shirt in my last post–again, it doesn’t photograph accurately…also not when it’s an overcast day outside.).  He loves yellow.  I know orange would make more sense for a goose shirt’s trimmings, but I couldn’t find any locally.  I don’t want to start an online ordering obsession…It wouldn’t end well. 😉  The buttons are a bit more canary yellow than neon, but they’re about as close as I could get.

Pouch Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I drafted the hood, pouch pocket, cuffs, and waistband from a zip-up that fits him well. The base of the shirt is a flashback skinny tee in a size 5T for my three-year-old(have a mentioned my love for this pattern?! Seriously, buy it!).  Yeah, he’s a biggin’.  Not fat–he’s actually quite skinny.  He’s just extremely tall.  This shirt pattern has been a God-send!

Placket Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I am always uber careful to avoid stretching knits when they aren’t supposed to be stretching.  But somehow, my stupid mommy brain forgot that also applied to the placket!  When I was fidgeting with getting the two layers neatly arranged for those buttons, it looked great and perfectly aligned!  Then it sat for a few minutes post-buttons-being-sewn-on.  Oops.  It shrank back to its original size and now looks crooked and the buttons misplaced.  Did I mention I learned a lot from this shirt??  Add that to the list. Rae says to put interfacing in the placket area to make it stronger for buttons or snaps, but since I was sewing the buttons through all layers without buttonholes, I skipped it.  I may go back and fix the buttons later, but the more likely outcome is that I stop caring and do better next time.  Cuz there will definitely be a next time.  I also don’t like that little pucker under the placket where it was overlapped.  With the method used in the tutorial, this seems to be inevitable (unless I misunderstood how to do it…which is quite possible in my naptime/distracted rush of sewing).  That’s another reason I think I will change it up a bit next time.

Cuff and Waistband Detail Silly Goose Hooded Henley

I love the contrast stitching on the pouch and throughout the shirt.  Since the shirt is white, the stitch lines around the armholes and such that get stretched give little peeks of the yellow thread as well.

Did you notice what’s missing?  Yeah.  That goose.  The goose I was so excited about.  After I finished sewing it and explained that I was planning to paint a small goose on it next to the placket, he told me he didn’t want me to.  Yes, I was stunned.  I asked him at least 132 times if he was sure, and he was adamant that no goose was to be on this shirt.  He said he liked it and would wear it, but no goose.  Okay.  Less work for me, I suppose.  If he ever changes his mind, you’ll be seeing that goose!

thegreencateye.com Silly Goose Outfit

There is a pair of pants I planned to pair with this shirt, but to keep things a quick(er) read for you (yeah, I know I’m wordy…I just can’t help myself), I’ll save it for my next post.  I’m also going to link this outfit up to the Sew-vivor buttons week sewalong and The Sew-Off Kids’ Clothes week (no, I’m not auditioning!).

Thanks for looking!  I’ve got more in the works! 🙂


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