Seersucker Basic Pants Seersucker Pants

Actually, I guess these pants stopped being “basic” once I started drafting changes to the pattern.  I started with Dana’s Kid Pants pattern (it’s free, it’s great, it’s ridiculously adaptable and easy to grade up/down–check it out!).  After testing the as-is pattern with some knit fabric (which could be used as pajama pants regardless of the outcome), I knew they needed to be a bit bigger.  After a horrible alteration that made the rise too high and the hips too wide, I realized that hasty and uncareful grading wastes so much more time than it saves!  So back to the drawing board again,  I tested one last time, and they worked out great.  More on that evolution later, but for now, on to the seersucker (which I totally copied from Dana–only hers are better with the black)!

Inseam Pockets Detail Seersucker Pants

I wanted these to look a little cleaner, so I altered it to move the pockets to the inside (that’s “inseam pockets,” right??), and I added a white jersey knit lining.  More additions: back patch pockets that are barely visible with this fabric, flat-front, and a weird-Ashley-cheater-method of an adjustable waistband.  I’ve done the inseam pockets adjustment thing before on some other pants, so that was cake.

Back Pocket Detail Seersucker Pants

The back pockets look better in person and on his bum, I promise.

Even though I know how to do an adjustable waistband, I really didn’t feel like messing with buttonholes in the fabric to make an adjustable waist possible. Little Man is not a fan of adjustable waistbands as it is, so I was pushing my luck on these pants in the first place.  I wanted to conceal those buttons from his skin as much as possible–I never can understand how having a button smashing into your sides could be comfortable anyhow.  I didn’t take pics of my process, so hopefully you can see from the finished product. This way allows me to tuck the button in a little as well.

Adjustable Waist Detail 1 Seersucker Pants Adjustable Waist Detail 2  Seersucker Pants Adjustable Waist Detail 3 Seersucker Pants

The unfortunate part of these pants is that my test pants used a wider elastic…I didn’t account for that when making these pants (face-palm).  This causes them to sag  and shift downward to where pants are supposed to sit on him.  But they still fit pretty well, and I made the hem deep enough that I can let it down if he grows too tall before the waist stops fitting.  Also, the fabric was a light blue pinstripe seersucker from Joann that I thought looked great–light and beachy, hello!–but after putting them on him, my husband’s first words were, “They kinda look like pajama pants.”  Now that’s all I see.  I think if dressed up enough, I will be able to get past it.  But they do look like pajama pants.  They will still get worn!! LM loves them! Silly Goose Outfit

I swear it was actally really bright when I took this pic!

Last thing, I’m linking this and the Silly Goose Hooded Henley (sans goose) into The Sew-Off Kids Clothes Week and Sew-vivor Buttons week.  I know these don’t utilize gobs of buttons, but both of these were on my to-sew for spring list and happened to fit the themes.  Yay for me and saving time! 😀

Thanks for looking!  I’ve still got more to share!

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