Pop Art Outfit

In elementary school art class, we were given an assignment to write a small essay about an artist and do a project inspired by that artist’s work.  My fourth grade creative brain decided on Andy Warhol.  I love the combination of bold colors and simple imagery that altogether become something amazing.  I still love bold color (you can expect to see plenty more around here!) and I especially love creating imagery that is simple but means something.

thegreencateye.com Megaphone Shirt

When I was planning 3-year-old Little Man’s spring/summer wardrobe, I knew I wanted some flashback skinny tees (hi, who wouldn’t?? The pattern is awesome!), but I wasn’t sure what I wanted on them.  LM isn’t too picky about his clothes yet, but he definitely prefers the ones with his current obsessive interest incorporated somehow.  I don’t  like plastering my kid with characters and such, but I do like to give a subtle nod to what he loves.  Fun for him, exciting for me that he wants to wear what I make for him.  When perusing a new (to me) fabric site, I came across a DC Shoes knit with tiny megaphones all over it.  The colorways weren’t really our style, so I decided against it. Until I had a lightbulb moment of inspiration and realized, “Duh, Ashley!  You can totally paint that onto a shirt!”  So I did. 😀

thegreencateye.com megaphone shirt detail

Why the megaphone fascination in the first place, you ask?  LM watches a few episodes of the PBS show Super Why! and has his faves.  His current one is technically about Cinderella, but he takes away the part where Little Red calls into a megaphone, “Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn! I want to finish playing our song!”  I know this line easily by heart not because I’ve seen the episode too many times, but because he will shout it from various rooms while incorporating it into his very imaginative play (please tell me I’m not the only one!).  He’s always asking for a megaphone!

Thus, this shirt was born.  I used a freezer paper stencil for sponging the paint on and a fabric marker to trace it and add the details.  It’s very likely to crack after a while with so much paint, but I like a vintagey look, and LM loves his new megaphone tee!  By the way, that tee was originally a thrift store shirt that I hacked apart at the seams and used the flashback pattern to cut a new shirt out of the fabric.  The yellow trim is actually somewhat pastel neon yellow interlock from Joann that is impossible to capture on camera (and is also sparkly on the underside, an accidental purchase that turned out okay, but that’s a story for another day…).  Total cost–maybe $3.50 at the most.  Can you say bargain?!

thegreencateye.com Megaphone Tee

Oh yeah, I’m adding this shirt into the Project Run and Play sewalong for their inspired-by-art week this week.  My brain was psychically connected and knew there would be such a week when I was doing my planning, cuz I’m amazing like that. Either that, or it was a coincidence.  But I’m not saying which one. 😉  Anyhow, to do so, I’m begrudgingly combining his shirt with some pants I made for the Sew In Tune sewalong a few weeks ago.  I don’t even want to talk about these unwearble pants (okay, maybe later), let alone promote them even more, but I felt the need to “complete the look.”  So, here they are.  In all their dorky glory…

thegreencateye.com Pop Art Outfit

Thanks for looking!  And sorry for any goofiness here on the brand spanking new blog…I’m still figuring out how to use this thing! 🙂


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